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About US

Based in the Barclays Eagle Labs in sunny Cambridge, half way between Scotland and France, we are an eclectic mix of software programmers, data scientists and industry veterans. Our founding team boast one of the lead developers who created the transcode systems that power the BBC IPlayer, the engineer credited with developing the novel Wacom pen sensing technology used in the Samsung Galaxy Note, and bleeding edge software architects from the field of retail that have built robust systems for many of the high street food retailers which are used under heavy demand daily. In the past our team has built predictive models that form the basis of credit decisioning with many banks and lenders worldwide. We have built up our knowledge in the worlds of the consumer, fintech and retail.

Making a customers experience magical ...

Would you like to know the best time to do a promotion such as Black Friday ?

Or plan your stock and supply chain ?

How do you know if customers have walked out of your store and gone to a nearby competitor?

Smart Data and Predictive Analytics.

We take multiple data sources from all over the world to generate our models. Using a combination of Support Vector Machines, Bayesian and Neural Networks we put the learning in Machine Learning.

Data Science isn't Rocket Science.

We take past historic data, use some clever math and tell you what is going to happen in the future. The progress and Moore's Law that has been bestowed onto us means what would take rooms full of computers can be done on a few Microsoft Azure compute instances. We've built all our algorithms from the bottom up, and they are simply better than anyone else's.

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